We design and deliver exceptional catering for many types of functions and in venues of all shapes and sizes. Our aim always is to impress your guests with our amazing handcrafted menus. 


In our authentic cooking classes you will connect with rich cultural traditions and learn cooking techniques from all around the world.

Our people have experience, confidence and style. 


So let's go on a fun culinary adventure together that will become the most glorious food experience of your lifetime.

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Themed Birthday Parties

We do all the party planning for your child’s birthday celebration. Our games and activities in your spacious backyard, hired venue or park, are always fun and memorable.

Give your child a meaningful experience.

Children's Entertainment Programs

MOVING BUDDIES is a creative and recreational learning program, tailored to fit the individual abilities and interests of each child. Professional

staff stimulate the children’s understanding through observation, listening, questioning, open communication and constructive feedback. 

Special Events

We are part of your event journey from beginning to end – we consider all aspects of your event to deliver the ‘big picture’ and connect the dots. 

From Valentines day, to Mothers and Fathers day and many many more, we will create 

breathtaking moments. 


Gourmet, fresh & delicious. Platters, Canapes, Grazing Tables, Sit-down Dinners, Buffets, Breakfast, Sandwiches, Rolls and Cakes. Affordable catering for any event: dinner parties, weddings, birthdays, corporate functions, anything you need. Free delivery. Reliable Service. Fast Delivery Times.


Tel: 0417583885

Email: dana@humansinmotion.com.au


Detail your specific requirements, and we will develop a unique option that will be sure to satisfy your needs.

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