The exciting thing about life is the myriad different pathways it can lead you on. During a diverse career encompassing banking, travel and tourism, and recently hospitality and events management,

I began to find a new meaning in life by falling in love with the art of cooking. That exciting voyage is the story of HUMANS IN MOTION which continues to this day.


A journey which has allowed me to travel the world, exploring delightful new cultures and exotic cuisines, learning new recipes and innovative cooking techniques along the way.


Whatever the occasion, leave a memorable impression on your guests with one of our catering packages, all delivered with our flawless service and professionalism.


Make your life easier, whether it be catering for your workplace, an event or a private dinner. It’s ours to coordinate. Our advice and expertise will ensure you create the perfect event.

Yours sincerely,

Dana Ivanovich

Executive Director    I    Humans in Motion – Event Management and Catering